Second Year classes have been busy putting the finishing touches to their action projects, which always take place towards the end of second year.

Four of the classes selected a visit to Dublin Zoo linked to the CSPE concept of Stewardship.  The project is offered as part of the ‘Zooardship’ initiative where groups agree to research and promote the plight of one endangered species.  Each class group organised all aspects of the day, including the transport, finance and research elements and were accompanied by their CSPE teacher and in some cases were assisted by some TY students. 2A2 decided to raise the plight of the Chimpanzee and as a result they have agreed to plant a tree on the school grounds.  This is to be the symbol of the deforestation that impacts on so many of the planets species.

2A4 have selected the concept of Human Dignity and to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness in Ireland.  The students planned a sleepover in the school for one night, accompanied by their teacher and tutor, where they carried out a number of activities to raise awareness of the issue.  They also invited a guest speaker from Focus Ireland out to the school and the students secured sponsorship in a bid to combat the problem of homelessness.  All aspects of the project were organised by the students themselves.

Third Year students have now all completed their Reports on Action Projects (RAP’s), which account for 60% of their Junior Certificate results.  Reports were completed with little or no disruption to their other classes.

Special thanks to all CSPE teachers for their hard work.

CSPE is Civic, Social and Political Education, a required course in citizenship education for Junior Cycle stiudents (12-14 year olds) in Irish second level schools. The programme is activity based, with students needing to do Action Projects as part of the national assessment.

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