Coding – Junior Certificate

Confey College has been selected to be a pilot school for the Junior Cycle short course in Coding. Some 140 schools applied to be part of the pilot and 20 schools were selected. We have a strong of ICT innovation in the school and this will enhance the offer to Confey College students. The introduction was held in the school on 11th January 2016.

Politics & Society – Leaving Certificate

The school is also looking to introduce the new Leaving Certificate course Politics & Society.  This will be offered to students who are pursuing the 5th year in 2016.

New Grade Scheme – Leaving Certificate

The DES (Department of Education & Science) have introduced a new grade scheme for Leaving Certificate results (June 2017). The current system a A1, A2 etc will be replaced with H1-H8/O1-O8. The corresponding CAO points will also be revised.

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