School Lockers

Some of the Confey School Lockers

Does every student get a locker?

It is not compulsory for your child to have a locker. They are available on a ‘First come, first served’ basis. They are available for rent for the year and the fee is set annually. The student is given their own individual key, although parents do have the option if they so wish to purchase there own lock. We have found through experience that it is a good idea to buy a combination lock since it eliminates the chance of loosing keys.

Instead of having to carry around all of their books, all day, the students will leave their books in their locker and only take the books that are relevant, at break times, for the next 2 or 3 classes that they are due to attend. They can obviously leave their lunch in it until it is needed also.

Students are not allowed to visit lockers during class or at change of class.

And don’t forget parents, if they drive you mad by losing their keys or locks all of the time you can always buy a combination lock for them instead from your local supermarket.