Parents: Practical and Positive Supports

Programme for October

This series of Parenting Talks has been organised by Kildare Library Service in partnership with HSE Primary Care Psychology Team and Mental Health Ireland and is funded by Kildare County Council.

Attendance at all of the events is free of charge and open to everyone but advance booking is required. Please contact the library where the talk is happening to book your place.

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First Aid for Parents

Leixlip Library: Tuesday 20th October 7pm

Presented by Siobhan Butler from First Aid for Everyone

This informative and interactive course will use lots of visual aids in the presentation and there is plenty of opportunity for the participants to ask questions.

Topics covered will include:

-Calling the emergency services

-The First Aid kit




-Temperature/febrile seizures


How to Help Babies and Toddlers Build a Sense of Security

Maynooth Library: Wednesday 21st October 7pm

Presented by HSE Primary Care Clinical Psychology Service

This talk is aimed at parents of children from birth to two years of age. It will explain the ideas behind attachment and bonding and include strategies and tips to help children develop a secure attachment.


Helping Children Deal with Bullying

Athy Library: Tuesday 20th October 7pm

Presented by HSE Primary Care Clinical Psychology Service

This talk explores possible origins of bullying behaviour, the potential impacts of bullying such as feeling upset, hurt, rejected, afraid and isolated. It will also introduce strategies to support children to develop skills such as positive peer social interactions and enhanced assertiveness to overcome the negative impact of bullying.

Toys, Technolgy, Training Project Talks for October


Anger Management and Strategies for Managing and Preventing Aggressive Behaviour

Athy Library : Tuesday 6th October 7pm

Dorothy Armstrong will host an evening that is aimed at parents, teachers and those who work with children with conditions such as Asperger’s syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder or those with anger issues. It will cover the following issues:

  • What makes some children more susceptible to angry outbursts
  • Strategies to help children manage their anger
  • Diet, exercise and staying calm
  • Dealing with aggressive or violent behaviour

Helping my child with ADHD

Newbridge Library : Tuesday 13th October 7pm

Dorothy Armstrong will host an evening that is primarily aimed at parents, although teachers and those who work with children with ADHD may also find this talk useful. Children with ADHD are frequently misunderstood and falsely labelled as badly behaved, this can lead to them developing low self-esteem with resultant mental health issues. This talk aims to promote ways to build and maintain their self-confidence and resilience. Strategies for helping children with ADHD to achieve optimally in school will also be discussed.

Minding Yourself When Parenting Your Child with Special Needs

You’re important too!

Naas Library: Thursday 22nd October 7pm

Dorothy Armstrong will host an evening which focuses on the importance of self-care for parents of children with special needs. Parents are often so busy minding their children that their own emotional and physical health is neglected leading to poor health and a low frustration tolerance. This evening will offer practical guidance and strategies for parents.

Communication In the School Years : Speech and Language Therapy

Leixlip Library : Thursday 1st October 7pm

Naas Library: Tuesday 6th October 7pm

In her lecture Catherine Sheahan will focus on the following:

  • What are the different of areas of language?
  • Why are these important in the school years?
  • How can language difficulties affect a child’s learning?
  • Tips and strategies for parents and teachers
  • Understanding Speech and Language Assessment Reports

There will be time at the end of the talk for questions from the audience.

To book a place contact the relevant library:

Athy Library : Tel 059 8631144 Email

Leixlip Library: Tel: 01 6060050 Email:

Maynooth Library : Tel 01 6285530 Email:

Naas Library: Tel 045 879111 Email:

Newbridge Library: Tel 045 448353 Email:

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