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Toys, Technology and Training Talks for November

Yuck I’m NOT eating that!
Toddler and Childhood Nutritional Challenges
Athy Library: Tuesday 24th November 7pm

Presented by Paula Mee, Dietician
Paula will give an overview of our children’s common nutrition challenges and needs as they grow. She will cover food intolerances and allergies; parental feeding concerns e.g. what to feed young children and what to do if they are faddy and won’t eat fruits and veg; when to consult with a specialist. Come along and ask your questions.

Improving your child’s social skills
Leixlip Library: Thursday 5th November 7pm
Naas Library: Thursday 26th November 7pm

Dorothy Armstrong, Occupational Therapist will host an evening that is aimed at parents, teachers and those who work with children with conditions such as Asperger’s syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia) etc. It will cover the following issues:
Developing good communication strategies
Body language
Dealing with conflict
Maintaining friendships

Leixlip Library: Tel: 01 6060050 Email:
Naas Library: Tel 045 879111 Email:

Parents: Practical and Positive Supports
Programme for November

This series of Parenting Talks has been organised by Kildare Library Service in partnership with HSE Primary Care Psychology Team and Mental Health Ireland and is funded by Kildare County Council.
Attendance at all of the events is free of charge and open to everyone but advance booking is required. Please contact the library where the talk is happening to book your place.
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Helping Children to be Resilient and Develop Skills to Cope with the Challenges of Life
Celbridge Library: Thursday 12th November 7pm

Presented by HSE Primary Care Clinical Psychology Service
This talk explores the support and experiences our children need to develop resilience or mental strength. It will help parents develop their children’s ability to thrive despite life’s challenges e.g. growing up, bullying or living with difficult circumstances; and to bounce back from adversity.


Older Children & Teens
Social Networking & Cyberbullying Training
Kildare Town Library: Thursday 5th November 7pm

Presented by Fiona Ashe from Flashefoward Communicaions
This training course will give a simple overview of social networking, describing current social media trends. Fiona will look at teenage behaviour online. She will examine peer pressure, privacy issues and cyberbullying: what it is, what forms it takes, how to combat it and how to prevent it.

Self-harming Behaviours in Young People
Newbridge Library: Tuesday 10th November 7pm
Leixlip Library: Thursday 26th November 7pm

Presented by HSE Primary Care Clinical Psychology Service
For some young people acts of self harming can emerge as a way of dealing with painful emotions such as loss, hurt or lack of self worth. This talk aims to briefly explore the concept of deliberate self-harming behaviour. It will offer parents some information on alternative ways of helping a young person cope with psychological distress without risk of physical harm to themselves.

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