Tuck shop

The Tuck Shop in the school is run every year by the Transition Year students as part of their Mini-company module. They must run it like their own small business including doing the accounts for it.

 Lunch Time

Confey College has a 55 minute lunch break every day except Wednesday. There’s a small “Tuck Shop” selling Breakfast Rolls, sweets and…. Most students will bring their own lunch with them.

Where do students spend their lunch time?  

The school is responsible for your child’s welfare from the time they arrive at school in the morning until they finish school at home time. That includes during lunch. As such, students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year are NOT allowed leave the premises during this time as it would be impossible to take care of them otherwise. Students in Transition Year (TY), 5th and 6th year are regarded as Seniors and are therefore allowed off the premises during lunch time.

But what if I want my child to be allowed to go home for lunch?  

The school has recently introduced a Lunch Pass system to help improve the level of care. This card contains a photo of your child, along with their details, a hologram and other security features. If you would like to allow your child out of the school during lunch time then you must purchase one of these. By doing this you are also making your child responsible for his/her actions during this time.

 What is the €5 for? 

The €5 fee for the Pass is the actual cost price. No money is being made by the school as profit in any way on these cards.

 So who’s checking? 

A teacher will be assigned every day to check for lunch passes at a Point at the school.

Sure what harm is it to let them wander outside the school? 

Anything could happen to them. There will be no adult there to monitor their behaviour and take care of their welfare. They might be led astray.