The Debs, or sometimes called the Graduation Ball, is a formal ball for students in their final year of secondary school.  Every secondary school in the country hosts their own ball. They are usually organised by someone other than the school itself. Traditionally a committee is created in the school to organise it and sometimes an outside event organiser specialising in this area will be hired.

In Confey College the Debs is usually organised by a committee made up of members of the Parents’ Council and students.  The school itself does not get involved in organising this event as it is primarily for students who are no longer attending the school and takes place several months after they have left.

The Debs is intended for 6th years but on occasion 5th year students can be allowed to go. After the Junior Cert (3rd year) some students go into Transition Year and some into 5th year which results in groups of friends separating into different classes.  The students are still friends so when 6th year and The Debs comes around they often like to attend it together.

As it is a formal graduation ball, each 6th year student is given an allocation for a +1 ticket and can invite whomever they wish.

Schools have been hosting Debs’ (Debutante ball’s) for years and years and as such the venues they take place in tend to be extremely experienced in handling these events, including monitoring alcohol consumption.