Touch Type Read Spell (TTRS) is a multi-sensory online Typing and Literacy package for children and adults with reading and spelling difficulties. All the world in the programme are taken from the Alpha to Omega Literacy programme which has been in use since the 1970’s and has been consistently proven to help children improve their literacy levels. 

This programme combines listening, typing and reading and this combination has been proven to help children greatly improve their spelling and reading abilities particularly children with dyslexia for whom the listening/phonetic element of the programme is key. They also learn to Touch Type.

Started with a small group of students, (2/3 initially and increasing to a max of 8/10 depending on age group), who have dyslexic tendencies and/or dyspraxia or difficulties with reading and spelling. The class would ideally take place for 1 hour per week after school in the computer room during Term Time. 

Marie O’Connor is a fully licensed TTRS tutor, Garda vetted and fully insured with 6 years experience of tutoring children and teenagers. 

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